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Submit your photo

  1. Submit your Goodhue County photo and we might use it as our website banner. We don't pay, but you do get credit as the photographer and the bragging rights are priceless! Photos must be within Goodhue County or taken from a spot within Goodhue County. Enter as much information below as you would like to appear on the photo credits:
  2. JPG and PNG file types are preferred. Please do not submit GIF, BMP, or low resolution images. Image should be at least 2200 pixels wide and 720 pixels high.
  3. Authorization to use photo*
    By checking this box, I certify that I am the owner and/or copyright holder of the attached photo and authorize Goodhue County to use the submitted photo on their public website home page for an indeterminate period of time. This does not transfer ownership of the photo to Goodhue County or allow Goodhue County to use the photo for any other purposes.
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