County Agricultural Inspector

Minnesota State Weed & Seed Laws

The duties of the County Agricultural Inspector (CAI) are to inspect all land in the county for the presence of prohibited noxious weeds. This is done through assistance from local weed inspectors (township and city officials or their appointees). If you would like to report noxious weeds, please contact your local township or city official to begin the investigation process.

Seed Law

Another duty of the CAI is to help enforce the seed law. A sufficient amount of seed is collected and tested each year to ensure the protection of the citizens and businesses in the county through truthfully labeled seed and for fair competition.

Pesticide Applicator Licensing

The CAI also administers the pesticide applicators test. Study materials can be obtained from the University of Minnesota Extension Services bookstore. Pesticide applicators licenses are issued by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA). Any questions regarding certification can be directed to the MDA Pesticide Licensing Division at 651-201-6615.

When you are ready to schedule the exam:

1.  Make application and pay licensing fee online by visiting the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

2.  Contact Goodhue County Land Use Management to schedule an appointment (see Contact Us above).

3.  On Test Day Please Bring:

  • Proof of payment if application made ahead of time
  • Valid photo ID
  • Calculator

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