Subdivision Plats

For a hard copy or for a certified copy of any recorded document, please contact the Goodhue County Recorder's Office.

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Plat NameTown / CityDate RecordedSurveyor
A.A. Steberg's AdditionWanamingo11/17/1909Simmons, J.M.
A.A. Steberg's Second AdditionWanamingo 7/28/1917Rhame, Albert E.
A.J. Miller's SubdivisionRed Wing 1/09/1875Danforth, William
A.K. Stone's AdditionPine Island 8/24/1878Hart, Stephen
Abner W. Posts and George Posts AdditionWacouta 8/23/1856Post, C.J.
AG Partners Addition Goodhue 12/30/2019Schwanz, Mark
Akers and Company's Subdivision Smiths AdditionRed Wing 5/15/1875Hart, Stephen
Akers and Company Subdivision Spates & Co. OutlotsRed Wing 5/15/1875Hart Stephen
Alleva and Siewert AdditionRed Wing 7/30/1992Johnson, David
Anderson AdditionZumbrota10/07/1969Benson, Curtis
Anderson Brothers Addition Red Wing 5/29/2015Samuelson,Richard
Anderson Oak Ridge ReplatFlorence Township 3/07/1990Johnson, David
Anderson's Spring CreekRed Wing 6/07/2006King, Brandon
Angelstad AdditionKenyon 9/02/1992Scofield, Alan
Arkins Subdivision Red Wing12/05/1873Hart, Stephen
Arndt AdditionPine Island Township 4/18/1999Bohlen, Leroy
Assembly of God Church AdditionLake City 5/28/1993Johnson, David
Athletic Field AdditionRed Wing 2/08/2012Scofield, Alan
Axelson's Hillcrest Addition Wanamingo 9/18/1979Johnson, David
Ayrshire SlopesPine Island 6/3/2019 Massey, Richard