Xcel Energy's Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant Evacuation Planning Survey

Xcel Energy’s Emergency Preparedness has started the 10-year Evacuation Time Estimate study which takes place after every U.S. census. This study is required of all nuclear power plants per federal regulation. As part of the study, survey responses are used to gather data from those who live in the area around the Prairie Island and Monticello nuclear plants.  

The survey results will provide us with a better estimate of the number of people evacuating in a given area, the number of vehicles used to evacuate, and the amount of time needed to prepare for evacuation. 

The collected survey data may also be used in a traffic engineering study to identify roadways and areas with significant traffic congestion during evacuation and will be used to identify the most effective methods of notifying the public of an emergency and the need to evacuate.  

Please complete one survey per household (18 years or older). Do not provide your name or any personal information. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. Survey questions seek information such as “How long does it take to you drive from work to home?” and “How many vehicles, that are usually available to the household, would your family use if an evacuation was necessary?”  

The sample size needs to be as large as possible, so we are asking those living in the local geographical area to participate in the survey. An outside firm will sort out any responses that are not within the targeted geographical area, so please participate even if you are unsure as to whether your response is needed by using the following link: 

For Prairie Island: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/9GVYY8B  

The responses to these questions provide important information for emergency planning purposes and will help Xcel Energy continue to protect the health and safety of the public.

Thank you for your participation.